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Meet the Chef

Fabio Massimo Bongianni

Fabio Bongianni was born in Rome in 1961, a Roman of Romans. Exceptionally well-traveled, Rome still remains Fabio's home.

Before finishing law school he realized his true passion is cooking. Fabio pursued his dream by attending Ritz Escoffier cooking school in Paris then created and managed the most successful line of American steak houses in Rome -- in fact, the first in Italy -- T-Bone Station.

In 2004 he opened That's Amore restaurant in the center of Rome near the Trevi fountain.


Returning to his first love, cooking, he transformed his property in the medieval town of Mazzano-Romano into a cooking school. Now the class is offered in five unique venues, including a pizza-making course in the restaurant. The goal: to give his clients an exceptional hands-on experiencelearning to cook in historic Rome. He has combined both his passions, cooking and teaching, to offer an unforgettable dav.

His school has had great success for many reasons including the way he and his team of chefs teach Italian cuisine, leading students on a true culinary journey through the real Rome. The English-speaking native Italians are professional, engaging, and authentic. Students feel like friends, not just tourists.

Chef Fabio Massimo Bongianni
Fabiolous Cooking Day

Fabiolous Cooking Day

At Fabiolous Cooking Day we love who we are, what we do and where we do it. We bring that passion to our clients through our cooking classes, food tours, and private dining events offered in seven unique locations in and near Rome. Passion is the reason why Chef Fabio Bongianni has created memorable hands-on culinary experiences that will give you an authentic taste of Italy. Dine in our exclusive private apartments or visit the nearby medieval village of Mazzano Romano for a unique culinary adventure. A Fabiolous Cooking Day communicates the heart of Italian cuisine by leading our guests on a true culinary journey through the real Rome. Our English-speaking chefs and tour leaders are authentic, professional, and engaging. Our guests feel like friends, not just tourists.

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