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Extraordinary food experiences in Rome with Chef Fabio Bongianni

With Fabiolous Cooking Day you can enjoy Italian cuisine like a true Roman: go shopping in colorful markets, taste typical street food, and make pasta or pizza using traditional recipes.

Traveler Choice 2023 Fabiolous Cooking Day

Meet Fabio

Fabio Bongianni was born in Rome in 1961, a Roman of Romans. Exceptionally well-traveled, Rome still remains Fabio's home.

Before finishing law school he realized his true passion is cooking. Fabio pursued his dream by attending Ritz Escoffier cooking school in Paris then created and managed the most successful line of American steak houses in Rome -- in fact, the first in Italy -- T-Bone Station.

In 2004 he opened That's Amore restaurant in the center of Rome near the Trevi fountain.

Fabio Massimo Bongianni

Our Fabiolous Italian Experiences

Pasta Making Class - Fabiolous Cooking Day


Making Class

Approximately 2.5 hours’ duration

Don’t just eat like a Roman—learn how to cook like one, too. With this pasta-making course, our chefs will guide you through the art of pasta making, teaching you how to hand-make traditional cavatelli, ravioli and gnocchi or fettuccine from scratch and a dessert! Each class includes personal instruction plus a full meal and drinks.


Includes lesson, 3 pasta dishes and dessert, water and wine or soft drink.

Pizza Making Class - Fabiolous Cooking Day


Making Class

Approximately 2.5 hours’ duration

Our 90-minute pizza-making lesson is perfect for all ages. One of our Fabiolous chefs will guide you through the Italian tradition of preparing pizza dough from scratch, explaining techniques and tips for making the best dough, and teaching you how to properly dress your pizza. You’ll be given your ingredients to top the pizza with whatever you like. In the end, you’ll eat what you’ve prepared.


Includes lesson, appetizer, pizza and dessert, water and wine or soft drink.

Rome Food Tour


Approximately 2.5 hours’ duration

Venture off the beaten path to experience the real flavors of Rome in the vibrant neighborhoods of Trastevere and Campo de’ Fiori. Along the way, we’ll share insider tips on Italian cuisine and introduce you to local food specialties, immersing you in Rome’s rich culinary traditions. In between each delicious tasting, you’ll get a glimpse into the history, culture, and architecture that define the Eternal City. You’ll finish with wine and fresh pasta prepared just for you at one of our spectacular locations in the heart of the city.


Includes a walking tour with tastings, pasta, wine, and dessert.

Market cooking class - Fabiolous Cooking Day


and Cooking Class

Approximately 5 hours’ duration

You’ll shop in Campo de Fiori market, choosing fresh ingredients for the cooking class. Then you’ll prepare your meal in an exclusive apartment. You’ll make 3 types of pasta from scratch and prepare other dishes under the guidance of your chef to produce a full meal. At the end of the course, enjoy the dishes you’ve created. In this way, you become not a tourist, but a true traveler immersed in authentic Roman culture!


Includes shopping in local market & shops, lesson, 5-course meal with 3 kinds of pasta, main course, side dish, dessert, water and wine (or soft drink upon prior request).

Cook in a Medieval Town - Fabiolous Cooking Day

Cook in a


Approximately 7 hours’ duration

Escape Rome for a day in the countryside learning how to cook authentic Italian dishes. Travel from the city to the ancient village of Mazzano Romano, where your experience starts by shopping for ingredients at the local market. Then help to prepare and cook a traditional meal under the guidance of an instructor before sitting down to enjoy your creations with Italian wine. The class is limited to eight people to provide an intimate, small-group experience.


Includes roundtrip transfer from central Rome, shopping in local shops, lesson, 5-course meal with 3 kinds of pasta, main course, side dish, dessert, water and wine (or soft drink upon prior request).

Our guests feel like friends, not just tourists.

A truly memorable and unique experience! Shopping beforehand, then preparing a 5-course gourmet meal under the watchful but friendly instruction of Chef Luca in a professional but warm kitchen space. And everything was, of course, delicious!

- Adam R.

It was 11 years since we did our first cooking lesson with Fabiolous in Mazzano Romano. Today we did a repeat lesson with Roy and Tamara. It was just as informative and lovely. It is nice to get out of the city and visit a market to pick up fresh food supplies and head to a magnificent country home to start the lesson.

- MVO1989

A wonderful experence. Made our pasta from scratch. It is a do not miss event! They showed us how to make two types of pasta.

- John M.

Our Restaurant

That's Amore is a traditional Roman restaurant near the Trevi Fountain. Seven days a week, the warm and professional staff serves up the most authentic...

That's Amore Restaurant
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