Fabiolous Cooking Day

Fabiolous Cooking Day is an extraordinary culinary experience created by chef Fabio Bongianni. These exclusive cooking courses combine insight and technique on cooking Italian food with Italian history and culture to offer those visiting Rome an unforgettable experience.

Fabio was born and raised in Rome, a city that is home to some of the most famous Italian dishes, which has had a great deal of influence on his cooking. 

After starting his career as a lawyer, Fabio realized it wasn’t his passion, but rather cooking was what he was meant to do. He followed his heart, went to Paris to attend the Ritz Escoffier Cooking School, and returned back to Rome and went on to have experiences in some of the most important restaurants in Rome like the "Dolce Vita" Sans Souci.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, he then opened one of the most successful steak houses in Rome, the T-Bone Station. In 2004, Fabio opened Restaurant That's Amore in the center of Rome close to the famous Trevi Fountain and also started his cooking schools.


Now, the cooking courses have experienced great success largely because of Fabio, his exceptional team of Chefs and the unique hands on experience they offer to the guests.

Each guest does not only learn recipes, but are involved in the cooking process from shopping for ingredients in local markets, to stuffing ravioli. With Fabio, guests, laugh, learn, cook, drink wine, and most importantly, EAT.

After a cooking day with Fabio, guests never feel like tourists but like friends.